Recycling, not Wrecking

We believe in recycling, not wrecking. With the serious issue of environmental contaminants in “end of life” vehicles and the massive cost of resources involved in building new cars, the business of dismantling motor vehicles has become a huge global focus and an invaluable community service.

The critical aspect of vehicle recycling is contaminants. Every vehicle we dismantle contains oils, coolants, batteries, brake fluids and dangerous, CFC-filled air conditioning units. With 500,000 vehicles being ‘retired’ in Australia each year, our dismantling industry is busy and getting busier.

But there’s good news! When properly separated by a professional, these contaminants are all completely recyclable. Oriental 4WD & Commercials is equipped to remove, separate, contain and recycle each of these potentially harmful fluid and gas elements, reducing the risk of adversely impacting the environment.

With the processes and standards of the auto salvage industry becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s satisfying to know that every car we dismantle, we are also recycling. At Oriental 4WD & Commercials we promise that we’re doing our part to care for our planet.